Post-COVID normal - Shopping Edition

While the WHO is predicting that the virus may stay with us, it could also disappear as quickly as it came. We are in the midst of producing disinfection robots post-haste in order to provide clients with the means to fight COVID-19. In the post-COVID normal, will disinfection robots be a common sight? Will precautions such as social distancing, temperature checking, and sanitizing become permanent too? 

As with other technology, I expect an initial high demand for disinfection robot for at least a couple of years followed by a tapering off as it become more common. I expect the initial purchasers, or early adopters, to be institutions, companies, and rich individuals. The robot would then evolve into a nice-to-have instead of a must-have,  for example as a marketing tool to attract patrons to malls or places which can afford the machine. 

But this could also go the other way -- disinfection robots could become commoditized and go the way of vacuum cleaners and washing machines. It becomes such a necessity that it is easily available at an affordable cost; simply go to any appliance store to pick up one for home use. 

For now, let's see how this upscale mall in Bangkok is wooing its well-heeled patrons with images of safe (virus-free) shopping experience. 

/ first appeared on www.acauso.com