Remote Monitoring of Stroke Patients using the Cloud and IMU

We propose a novel system that uses wearable wireless sensors (inertial measurement units (IMUs)) and handheld devices (smartphones and tablets) for body motion tracking. The system enables a stroke patient to perform rehabilitation exercises at home, eliminating frequent visits to the hospital. Furthermore, healthcare providers such as therapists and doctors are able to keep track of their patient’s progress by remotely monitoring the rehabilitation activities of the latter. Cloud services are integrated in our system to allow remote monitoring, replace expensive hardware and software licenses needed for data storage.

Related Publications:

A Causo, L Liu, G Krishnasamy, SH Yeo and IM Chen, “Integration of Wireless Wearable Sensors and Mobile Computing with Cloud-based Service for Patient Rehabilitation Monitoring,” Proc of the Int Conf on Intelligent Unmanned Systems 2012 (ICIUS 2012), Singapore, 22-24 Oct 2012