Integrated Wearable Haptics for Stroke Therapy

This is a joint project between Nanyang Technological University,  Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary), National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation (Hungary) and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (Singapore). The goal of the project is to develop a wearable haptic device that could be used for post-stroke therapy.

For our group at NTU, we built an IMU-based upper body motion measurement system. The system was used to measure activities of daily living (ADL) of post-stroke patients. The system have been tested with both healthy and post-stroke patients.

The data from the ADL measurements was used to help design the controller for the robotic system built by our project partners in Hungary. The robot is shown in the photo above.

We combined the IMU-based sensors with haptic feedback using vibrotactile motors to create a motion replication system. We used the system to teach users different postures, using a master-slave configuration. The user (slave) copies the posture of another person (master) by "listening" to the vibration patterns given by the system as a guide. The posture of the slave and the master was measured using IMU.

Using the same sensor-feedback set, we also tested different combinations of feedback (haptic only, haptic + vision, vision only). Our results show that vision is mostly used to guide macro motions quickly while the haptic feedback is used for fine-tuning of the posture (micro motion). Using haptic feedback also help users in remembering postures and motions.

Another output of this project is an adaptive Continuous Passive Motion Machine (CPMM). Often, CPMMs are used to warm up or cool down patients prior to their therapy; the machines tend to be boring and single-use. We built an adaptive CPMM by incorporating  an interactive interface that helped turn exercises into games. The CPMM itself could also be converted into upper and lower limb exercise machines. It plane of rotation could also be modified, giving users a variety of motions possible. The system was tested with post-stroke patients at the Tan Tock Seng hospital.

Project Website:  <click here>

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