Robotic Picker for E-Commerce Applications

This robotic picker could be used to pick items from shelves or boxes and put them in bins for further transportation. Item picking is a critical component in logistics. In hospitals, this robot could be used for sorting and delivery of surgical and medical items, food, and medicine. It could also be used in cleaning of surgical items.

This robotic picker is composed of several modules including vision (to identify and register objects) and grasping (to determine how to pick the items). This robot has been tested with various grocery items and books during the inaugural Amazon Picking Challenge held in Seattle last May 2015.

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C. Liang,  K.J. Chee, Y. Zou, H. Zhu, A. Causo, S. Vidas, T. Teng, I.M. Chen, K.H. Low, and C.C. Cheah, "Automated Robot Picking System for E-Commerce Fulfillment Warehouse Application", to be presented in 14th World Congress in Mechanism and Machine Science, Taipei, Taiwan, 25-30 Oct 2015